Sunday, June 1, 2008

rochness in hongkong

i met roch, my F1 neighbor, HS buddy and long-time friend. she and family are in hongkong for some RnR. it was fun catching up with her... we had a LOT to talk about. no holds barred, diba roch?! haha

enjoying after dinner coffee and chitchat in starbucks, LKF

as usual, kwela... kahit ang banana leaf decor ng starbucks di pinatawad. hahaha
the birthday girl! happy and pleased amidst the LKF crowd
shempre, photo op ulet!
receiving birthday calls in hongkong.. (ouch, roaming yan! haha)
bye roch! till next time... in singapore or in manila or bangkok or bali? hahaha



rotsss said...

all of the above na, yo!

i had a blast mare. even after several years of not seeing each other, parang walang nagbago. ahlavet!

until our next adventure. hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

korekkk! until our next... =)