Thursday, July 24, 2008


i missed blogging.. even though i dont have that much stories or (mis)adventures to tell. my 2nd hand NEC versa notebook broke down and i was nearly contemplating on buying a new one... until i realized it's out of my budget coz of some unexpected expenses. so, that new macbook pro will have to wait until christmas (?) yeah right!

i basically rely on the internet to keep me updated on the latest happenings and events back home and even with fwends. i barely watch tv, not even open the news to see local channels. i thought, damn! now, i have more time on my hands. and so, i'd rather stay in the office to do my surfing. (talgang hindi work eh noh?) most of my idle time at home i spend playing my DS - ouendan! and finally... i finished it! wuhooo (well the average category) now, im trying my hand at the difficult range.

when you're left idle, you tend to attract different kinds of thoughts, and im not the type to fully plan what will (or should) happen in the coming years. but i know, i should. NOW. this should be in a different entry....

*sigh* well, im just glad to be back.

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er!c said...

let's go try some tasty food,