Sunday, May 4, 2008

off to big wave bay

big wave bay is one of the few beaches in hk which you can enjoy for free. most beaches here are for public use. though devoid of any n-star accommodations, the facilities are well-kept and maintained - shower area, changing rooms, toilets. BBQ area is clean. lifeguard service is on till 6pm.

i know 2 ways to go to big wave bay: 1) via mini bus or bus # 9 from shau kei wan terminal or 2) hike up the mountain near island resort in siu sai wan. since we were looking for some adventure, we opted for the latter. we were "warned" that it takes 45mins - 1hr to reach the beach. jayson, our guide (hehehe) took us up to the "view compass" site until we parted ways. he would've just told us where to start our trek but i was too cautious coz 2 of my fwends "lost" their way up. took them 2 hrs before they reached big wave beach. anyways, after jayson left us we were on our own in this very very long plight of stairs. seems never ending at some point. there were even counters on the steps. lost count of how many there were. thousands, i'm sure! all in all, it took us 1 a lil more than an hour to traverse the path - with our pace, stopovers for picture taking. haha

soon the beach is now in sight. we were so excited. our steps now were faster, eager to feel the sand and water soothe our aching feet. finally finishing our hike... we set foot on the sand - the fine sand is soft and rejuvenating. the weather is a bit overcast with temperature around 24degrees. the water is cool, the waves, not high but enough to do surfing for beginners. hehe the place is abundant of restaurants, and everything you may need for the beach. it's convenient. even the location itself. coz a few minutes from big wave you will get to the busy city life. hopefully, this wont be the last time i'll get to enjoy the beach this summer.

pichur pichurs!

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tutubi philippines said...

nice hk beach...and tip on getting there...i think i'm gonne be back there next year for an official visit (the first one's from my own shallow pocket)