Monday, May 5, 2008

what's in your voicemail?

what's in mine: only 2 saved messages. i dont know how long these messages are kept but i opted not to delete them just for the heck of it.

message 1: a friend just saying hi. <-- awwww

message 2: "TANGINA MO" <-- whatda?!!!

i always look forward to listening to my voicemail - pat myself on the back and say "someone cares". haha BUT when this kind of message makes its way thru my personal effects, can't help but wonder why.. and WHO?!!

first of all, the voice is from a guy. pinoy. (ang lutong ng mura eh) the message came in at 6:00am. he sounded drunk, with that crisp tone of voice echoing from an empty room. i have a vague idea who he might be but i dont wanna pursue it. just let it be. if he happens to be a random guy, accidentally dialing my #, well... he's just a big loser! if he knows me, vice versa, and to evict that kind of emotion... i dont know what to think. but as long as i know im not doing anything hurtful to anyone, i refuse to feel guilty nor affected by such childish act.

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