Thursday, May 1, 2008

out with da gurls

since may 1 is labor holiday, i urged my fwends to have a ladies night in wanchai on april 30 night. just hang out, enjoy... the FREE drinks. here, most bars serve free drinks to ladies on wednesday nights. looove it. though im not a big drinker now, not spending on a gimik night is a blast! unexpectedly that night, there were a LOT of people in the bars, along the streets. then there's this big signage in one bar.. "welcome US navy/US military" . that's why! a lot of foreigners hanging out. maybe some ship docked on the pier and so wanchai clubbing industry is livened up anew.. if you know what i mean. hahaha well, it's HK's red light district.

we strolled in the area, hoping to find a not so crowded place coz we don't wanna be squeezed amongst those big bulky-looking beings. we tried going in "spicy fingers" first. there's live band, a place to sit. but the crowd... can't really blend in. a lil bit older. we just had one round of drinks. coz it's not free. haha we moved to "swindlers". free drinks and entrance for ladies! wuhoo .. DJ music but it's all good. danceable tunes. plus the crowd is younger. we settled here for the entire time and enjoyed dancing, chatting with other expats like us. haha didnt notice the time until the crowd got thinner. after that.. our usual ritual was to eat in "boracay" (yeah, i wish) -- that small pinoy joint around the corner where we get our dose of goto to prevent hangover. haha

here's how we enjoyed the night. pichurs pichurs!

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