Tuesday, April 1, 2008


i was signed in to yahoo chat one lazy lunch time. i buzzed my cousin out of sheer boredom (haha) i really wasnt expecting any reply since it's bed time for her. surprisingly, she did message me back... with the opening line "didnt you know you're gonna be an auntie?"

i was like... "huwattttt?!!" i couldnt believe what i read. choking on my food in my mouth i hurriedly replied. SO many things were going on in my mind. AS IN! 3 of my closest cousins were abroad, all girls and only 1 has a boyfriend.

"at sino ang may sala?!!!!", i asked. she didnt answer but went on saying "i didnt know until 2 weeks ago" i thought, 2 Weeks?!!! and you didnt even bother to tell me?!! i restrained myself from flooding her with my replies. and just waited. "i hope you wont get mad.. i love you." i was feeling nervous by then, thinking that she's pregnant. i would've called if i only have the means. that's how affected i was. "happy april fools day!" ARGH!

i felt SO stupid la! hahaha im not used to 'fooling' around people on april 1. not anymore. if i tried it here, they won't just get me. and i have to explain it pa. pathetic! haha i just joined her laughing.. this time she called me already. and rationalized that it's not april 1 here anymore. hehe well, at least she had a good laugh before going to slumber. just too bad at my expense.


Happy birthday, Rona!!!


harbie said...

hahaha! nice one! =P

did you guys see the custom time gag by google? hilarious! =P

rEeYuH said...

custom time? nope.