Friday, March 28, 2008

HK weather

i was walking with a colleague to get something from their flat. looking up, i saw this haze drifting along the high-storey building. flats, apartments abound here in hk due to lack of space to build houses like in manila. that's one thing i immediately noticed especially looking for a bigger place to settle. space is a luxury. my colleague lives on the 49th flr so from their window all they really see is a heavy cloud. ala heaven. hehe or pollution that wasn't able to fully circulate out of hk atmosphere? oohhhh, hope they can still breathe from up there.

in the evening, i find sauntering from our office to the bus stop a breather as the breeze touches my face, soothes my nerves. the pavement as of this time is now deserted of office workers who hurry their way home. though dimly-lit, it's safe to pass by here. well, generally, i feel protected here because of high police visibility. (around 4-5 checkpoints in 1 year, i think) no need for alarm. just a precaution. however just be prepared to show your ID when questioned.


tutubi philippines said...

life in hk is really different, isn't it? i don't know when am i gonna return there

rEeYuH said...

generally, it's different. with adv and disadv alike, depending how you look at it.