Thursday, March 27, 2008

pgma to visit hk

anything related to politics doesnt really interest me. that was before. now, i can be a bit more sensitive to the current events hounding prominent personalities. more so, those that concern the president. ofws in hk were invited (well, not me personally haha) to join the protest against mrs arroyo when she comes to visit hongkong. according to reports, her entourage and guests spent around 2M php just for this entire trip. (full article HERE) amidst the country's flailing stability in most aspects, she manages to squeeze in this visit instead of attending to more pressing matters back home, using the funds to a more concrete purpose. the argument here is this may be an investment - for pinas, inviting other countries to trust in the capacity of the philippines to be an attractive package to put their money in. the problem here is, how can she "sell" a commodity which is "rotting at the core"? i may not know the ins and outs of government but from where i'm standing, the administration needs a LOT of work. so much issues to iron out, matters to take care of, promises that are yet to keep.

poor juan, carrying all the burden.


harbie said...

this is the problem when an economist runs the country... she just knows how to juggle stuff to make the economy look all shimmery and splendid. bleh!

rEeYuH said...

hayyy... u have a point there. ang hirap naman din kse mag marunong. what i know about the economy goes as far as reading the papers. and how the prices affect my pocket, of course. i think basic na un.