Friday, March 7, 2008

the undomestic goddess

just when i thought im slowly coming to terms with my domesticity, this one hurdle dampened my spirits. it's not just learning to cook, washing the dishes, cleaning the room. but more.


you see, the water keeps on flowing inside the bowl and i dont know how to STOP the water from pouring inside the tank. it doesnt stop by just "sealing" in the water. the problem is there's abundance of water that it overflows inside the tube. i know there should be some gadget to determine that there's enough water in the tanks, ergo, water SHOULD STOP coming in. this went on for months already, causing my other flatmates to ask why our water bill was expensive. and wallah, they saw my meter way higher than them! overridden with guilt, i immediately sought the help of a plumber. i asked around hoping for an english-speaking plumber but to no avail. after seeing him fix my toilet tank problem, i know it's right calling for help than putting myself into (more) trouble.

lesson learned: thou shalt NOT procrastinate the repair of water leaks (nor any domestic, meaning flat-related, problem at that) beyond the cost of water and plumbing services, i was more concerned for the wasted water due to my unmindful behavior.

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harbie said...

anything that leaks should be attended to fast... faucet, toilet bowl, roof, gas range (opkors)... not just because you're wasting resources, but because leaks NEVER go away, they only get worse. hehehe!

there you go, from one undomestic goddess to another. *apir!*