Thursday, March 6, 2008

pushing daisies: first touch - life; second touch - death

barely a few days after finishing the pre-strike episodes of gossip girl, i am now into pushing daisies. series-hopping can be confusing at times coz i tend to mismatch characters with the stories with how many episodes i've seen. i have always been curious with the idea of death. what comes after it? in pushing daisies, it attests to the truth that there is life after. not in the context that i was brought up though. hehe the smell of death may be your truth but the gift of life and love transcends that reality giving you the privilege of a second chance.

the series is fast-paced, witty and the characters have their own personalities that helps develop the story and each other's behaviour. among them, i like olive snook. she works for ned at the Pie Hole, secretly adoring him, inspite of his detachment from the real world. her support role is enough for me not to be suffocated with ned and chuck's coosome twosome attitude. then, i realized how can i feel mushy when they dont even touch?! physical demonstration of emotions is just one way to show that you care. one more, i LOVE LOVE her version of "hopelessly devoted to you". aliw! haha

question: if ned ripens rotten fruits for his Pie Hole, who dies in place of them? or what? i got lost in the series like, if ned keeps one person alive for a long time.. not just more than a minute or so, like really bring this person back to life like what he did for chuck, is there any ultimate consequence? like, this personal gain will haunt you ten-fold? (di nman ako paniwalain sa karma noh?! hehe)

"dead like me", a 2003 movie (or shoe) from the same creators might be interesting.


harbie said...

interesting and useless tidbit of trivia: "pie hole" is another term for "mouth"... "shut your pie hole" means "shut your mouth". hehehe!

ala lang, share ko lang. =D

rEeYuH said...

ohhhhhhh kai. thanks for sharing.