Saturday, March 8, 2008

cheung chau food trip

twas saturday. time for some RnR after a week-long work. we headed to cheung chau. from central pier 4, we boarded the fast ferry that brought us to this outlying island in 30 minutes, as opposed to a regular one for 45 minutes (at half the fare too).

strolling a few minutes in cheung chau will get you to the beach area. but we didnt really wade in coz the water is still cold nor did we hang out in the sand coz the sea breeze is still a bit chilly for us. instead we let jack (fwend's barely 2 year-old son) enjoy his time in the nearby playground. the island is a little more commercial than lamma (another outlying island) as it swarmed with merchandise from souvenirs to clothes (baleno) to food (mcdonalds, parknshop, watsons). alleyways are also packed with quaint in-house stores.

we eagerly looked forward to having dinner al fresco in one of the restaurants by the bay and sample their seafood. here's one we randomly picked.

we were still apprehensive ordering the lobster coz we're not sure if the price in the menu is per order or per gram. took the safer route of ordering crayfish with garlic.

we wanted to know their version of beef curry...

here's the rest of our gastronomic delights. choi sum in garlic sauce, crayfish, yang chow, beef curry. the lil "palanggana" you see there is tea, where we "clean" our dishes before eating and wash our hands after. yep, you're right. we drink the same type of tea too. shelled out less than 200hkd (they charged 5hkd for the tissue) for 4 people. not bad at all.

among the many restaurants that lined up the harbor of the island, i would say i will definitely come back here. "hong kee respaurant". affordable, good food.


harbie said...

respaurant?! are you sure they pay attention to what they put on their plates when they can't correct their sign? hahaha! **lol**

oh well, whatever works. =P

btw, they charge for table napkins? how weird is that? :p

rEeYuH said...

weird tlga! dapat inuwi nlng namen un tissue. haha