Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"lemon tree" in 4 languages

that was our performance in the annual dinner. SO lame, i know! but considering the capacity of my colleagues (haha, parang ang talented ko noh?!) that presentation required the least amount of effort. i would have wanted something a lil 'performance level', as they say. hehe but pressured with time and meeting the schedules of other people, we just cant afford to practice and meet more often. oh well, just to present 'sumthin' would be ok.

we sang "lemon tree" and translated into 4 languages:
cantonese - sang by the Thais
filipino - sang by the Japanese
japanese - sang by the HongKongers
thai - sang by the Filipinos

obviously, we didnt win la!

post script: in exchange for the embarassment, we were given 1000hkd (each, asa!) and ate yumcha! yummmmy!


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erk, can't watch it. =( gonna try at home.