Monday, January 21, 2008

annual dinner @ hopewell center

last friday we held our company's annual dinner at king palace restaurant in hopewell center, wanchai. and as usual, food was plenty.. drinks abound even more! i have no idea what the dishes are called as the menu is written in chinese. i just clicked away my digicam (vidcam, actually).....

our appetizer... i didnt eat the yellow thingy and the pig's leg ba iyon?!! hehehe

oh, i like this.. shrimp with veggies served in crispy noodles, though i didnt like the noodles .
tastes like cuttlefish ball stuffed with shrimp. this is quite heavy coz it's REALLY packed, so 1 is enough for me..

hmm, this one, i have NO IDEA at all. didnt taste, not interested. PASS.

menu wont be complete without steamed fish...

our equal servings of soup...

my cupful of soup.. i liked it.. ala bird's nest.. or it's really one. hahaha

fried chicken sans the flour, etc. kinda bland and oily for me.

noodles again.. and rice.. is served at the end of the course meal. i didnt taste the rice. im quite full already. and i heard it's glutinous rice.. argh, SO filling la!

and dessert... didnt have one too. beans.


harbie said...

are you sure those are beans?!... looks like dinuguan to me. *lol*

gurl, iba pa ba ang bird's nest sa nido soup? *scratches head*

philippine dragonfly said...

HK food trip, eh?
i remember i still have a pending HK travel tips post in my drafts :P

i will explore more of HK once i get back there

rEeYuH said...

harbz, beans nga! red beans. uhm, the diff? the only nido soup i know are the ones from knorr.. un instant haha

tutubi, always a food trip during our annual dinner.. sumthin 'exotic' or 'interesting' always comes up. sna next time, pinoy food trip naman.. il let them eat balut hehe

Anonymous said...

the one that u dont know is braised scallops with abalones and seaweeds that look like hair

rEeYuH said...

sakai, i learned it was scallops a day after. thanks for your info! and for dropping by.

harbie said...

wow, chochal ang blog mo espren, may taga-resto hop na andito! join 'em! you'll pass with flying colors and plates. hehehe! ola! *waves*