Monday, January 14, 2008

no reservations with anthony bourdain

i love him and his show. it's laid-back, real, down-to-earth, profane at times if you may. i like the way he showcases the food and tries to get its unique taste. the last episode i watched was his feature about hongkong (maybe, that's why i loved him more!) living in a country featured on tv gives me pride and joy. and of course, with much interest i hung on to every word he says.

though hk is a small region, i havent travelled nor explored much mainly because of the language barrier, adding to it is the not-so-polite manners of the people. even the cameras of tony didnt escape the irritative attitude of one streetfood owner. she said to tony and his friend to hurry up selecting food so as not to disrupt business and hinder other people from buying from her. DUH?! we can see well enough that there are no people nearby.. wanting to buy.. and with that attitude of yours.. they'll have second thoughts about it! is that the way to treat your customers?!! guess il have to blog about that in another entry. hehehe

moving on, he ate claypot rice (i havent tried this) where rice and other viands are mixed and steamed in claypot and served hot. usually eaten during winters as it's too hot to eat in summer. betting in racehorses in happy valley (i havent done this, only mark six) and enjoying a post race meal in north point -- these are dai pai dongs, as i understand it.. outdoor stalls, eateries but now are located indoors so as not to cramp the road so much. drinking tsingtao beer (ulk, not my type) to cap the night.

he featured more local food sans the fancy names, garnishes or western influences. from the abundant variety of dimsum, dumpling, noodles to the succulent flavors of typhoon shelter crabs and suckling pig, goose kind, anthony surely captures the essence of the place and manages to create a lasting impression to would-be visitors.


philippine dragonfly said...

e di ba suplado naman mga tao dyan? si anthony di pa punta sa pinas ewan ko bakit buti pa si bizzare food expert nila

rEeYuH said...

hmm are you sure? i remember (vaguely though) that he tried balut.. cguro nmn that's in pinas. maybe he went to the province?