Saturday, September 12, 2009

i was talking to mama one time. she said she was on the phone with this girl who's begging to take her daughter and give her a good life. mama simply said, "anong klaseng nanay ka? ako, mawala na saken lahat wag lang mga anak ko." suddenly, i felt my eyes just welling up with unshed tears. (i was in my desk so i had to keep it in haha) i felt so loved with those words. we're not very demonstrative in our family so however indirect it may seem, it just cut right through me. i know that inspite of her strong facade, she's hurt inside. i wish i could just be with her and share her pain.


Anonymous said...

first thing: who was that girl that mum was talking to? anong klase nga yang nanay na yan?

*teary-eyed while reading this post..ok to let them fall since wala na mga amo ko while i was reading ;p **

awts..if only i could easily go home even for a few weeks..i miss home!//rose

reeyuh said...

heya rose! dun ka nlng sa chatbox kse minsan i dont get to read the hirits hehe

i dont know the gurl. but if her kid could just hear her, i doubt if gusto rin syang maging mom. amf!

hope to see you soon! *hugs*