Sunday, July 5, 2009

parting time

a friend will go back home after trying to find some work here in hk. it's not easy. i don't blame him if he does. better even, in some ways. if ever it will be my time to leave, i know i will miss this place.

--> i will miss having the room to myself. yep, i still share a room, technically, with my sister. but she's also abroad so if and when i go home, it's all mine. but since we're both away, april stays there.. i think.
--> i will miss slacking to my heart's content. hahaha
--> i will miss hui lau shan.. and other hk desserts. theirs is mostly fruit-inspired. those mini cakes, fruit or tea-based quenchers are enough to follow through lunch or dinner.
--> i will miss maple, in and out, update, in fashion, h&m, zara (cheaper here). i find solace with them. nyahahaha

ehhhh... STOP. it's always nice to go back home. guess i'll just cross the bridge when i get there.

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