Tuesday, July 14, 2009

jdrama: zettai kareshi

zettai kareshi (absolute boyfriend) is a jdrama recommended by my friend and is also on top of the list in mysoju.com. it's about a robot lover who came into riiko's life. this created a triangle with riiko's boss, soshi. can a machine really give your heart's desires? here's a song from the series. "okaeri" is the song by ayaka, who coincidentally is now the wife of soshi. awwww

okaeri, for me is a song that basically tells us that home is where your heart is. it's always nice to feel at home, right? to know that you belong and you are loved.

i can't wait to be home.


janeius said...

hehe.. ive watched this din sa same site.. mysoju.. =) naiyak pa nga ako sa dulo.. hahaha! babaw talga ng luha ko..

i still know the first two lines of the song =D

reeyuh said...

ano ba first 2 lines?? okaeri lang alam ko hehe first word pala.. hehe

i heart mysoju hehe sooo many dramas to watch sooo little time.. try mo Boys before flowers! =)

janeius said...

uber delayed na reply ko.. hehe..

napanood ko na yun.. both yung japanese and korean version.. i cant bring myself to watch yung chinese version.. hahaha! not sure why.. =/ hmmm..

reeyuh said...

dont watch it at all... in short.. ignore! haha i will too. visually not appealing. lol.