Sunday, July 19, 2009

harry potter and the half blood prince

9:50am. i watched the first showing of harry potter 6. it was a 15-minute walk, so i was kinda confident of getting up late.. but of course.. i didnt took notice of the time.. and then, my friends were already calling me up, and i was still at home! yaiksss! i didnt wanna miss out on any scene, especially the beginning.. also, i wanted to watch the trailers.. hehehe anyways, i just did a brisk walk knowing, still i would be late. i saw a bus, and i just boarded it and alighted at the next stop. thankfully, that saved me from being really late for the movie. hehe we proceeded to our seats.. row C, 3 rows from the screen.. uhm, too near eh? right.. that's what we get from buying tickets the night before.

the movie
hmm, i really don't know what to say.. i havent read the book. so some scenes, story flow, i wasn't able to understand. i didnt get why professor snape is the half blood prince and the movie merely mentioned it once. reading the book will suffice my queries, i believe. the characters really have grown.. outgrowing harry even! hermoine is simply beautiful. ron's bigger built earned him a rightful spot in quidditch. malfoy appears more brusque than before. and harry.. i still see him as the little kid with that mark on his forehead from book 1. hehehe even so, i am biased, i am a still a fan. i can't wait for the next movie to come out! hopefully, by that time, i have read all the books. hahaha

after movie chillax
the movie lasted more than 2 hours so we had lunch in cityplaza, and i ate the cheesy tonkatsu. yum yum! we headed to pacific coffee to (finally) hold our "coffee cum wifi" experience. for the longest time.. we've been planning on doing this. go to a coffee shop, bring our notebooks and hangout. good thing, we have coupons so it's a buy 1 take 1 cold treats for us! yehey! too bad, i had to purchase my wi-fi. but all good, 20hkd for 1 whole day. hehehe we we're doing our own thing, while the kids, play around the wide area. it was a chillax moment. gotta do it next time, before the coupon expires hahaha

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