Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the day after yesterday

i ended yesterday on a not-so-good note. i overate, or lack thereof, i think. i had to go straight to the toilet to do my thing. that wasn't enough though. 3am, i was awaken by a stabbing pain in my stomach. and continued on till 6am. i remember thinking to myself, and praying that it will only last for that time. i was a bit cold though the aircon is not on. the menial air from the fan doesnt really give me any comfort either. lots of things immediately entered my mind. i didnt want to be THAT sick to rush myself to the hospital. i even thought that if i would be discharged, then i have to take care of EVERYTHING, from fixing my things, to the payment. hahaha overacting, la! but that is what will happen. i thought that those times, i called in sick at work finally bounced back on me. tsk tsk tsk! my thoughts are really wayyy overboard.. i know. when im not well, i think of a LOT of things. i even think, that i might die already.

that morning at work, i felt a little better but easy on the food intake. i still have pains but praying it to go away so i dont have to take any meds. i went home and didnt really ate much. the next day, i felt the pain growing more frequent. i decided to go to the doctor during lunch hour. i took the meds he gave (but not all of them haha). i was told to avoid oily foods and rice. fineee. the next day, i felt lighter. still no rice. i was missing my meds , not taking them on time. it wasn't on purpose. i would've taken sick leave, but opted not to. the pain is still there, and the involuntary churning sound in my stomach. i was given this meds for gas. lolz. im still trying to make pakiramdam my body.. so no alcohol for me. haha

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