Monday, June 8, 2009

when archie marries veronica


i grew up with archie and the gang comics. as a kid, i loved the simple yet colorful characters of the riverdale heights students. the classic love triangle with veronice-archie-betty in the lead is endearing because it's like a see-saw of events and you're not sure who archie will fall in love... really. although i felt that he's leaning more to veronica, i still hoped that he'll see much more of betty's inate personality. BUT, now that the makers already sent this teaser.. i guess there should be no more room for hope, eh?

i like veronica.. just not as much as i like betty. especially that ronnie seems to have the world at her feet, rich guys swooning over her, she can have anything she wants. does she really love archie? does archie really love veronica and not just blinded by his own masochism? haha i just pity him when veronica will temporarily dumps him for other guys. will little charming betty stand in the sidelines to see her friends' love for each other be consummated? we'll just have to see when the comics hit newsstands by september (if i got it right).

whatever the ending is, it should be that marriage be celebrated between 2 people who love each other truely, sincerely, unconditionally. who are we to stop true love?

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