Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ's music

most of michael jackson's tunes are loved by many. the more famous, "thriller", "beat it" , "man in the mirror", "billie jean" are simply adored by fans.

of the lesser popular songs, my faves would be:

  • "heal the world" -- my environment-friendly and karaoke-fave song. my take on hoping for a better world.
  • "the way you make me feel" -- i loved it when it was used as a dance tune in the movie, "Centerstage"
  • "wanna be startin something" -- remake by Akon
  • "smooth criminal" -- =)

i didnt know he sang :::
==> "human nature" which kyla had revived.
==> "don't stop till you get enough" and "rock with you"
hahaha i know! pathetic!

i may not be an avid fan.. but i know that his "thriller" music video is just creative, innovative and unique. his moves in "billie jean" simply stellared him to star status making girls swoon over him. he may be gone too soon, but we are still fortunate that he left us his music which will live on in the hearts and minds of generations from hereon.

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