Monday, May 25, 2009

at work: as caution to H1N1

in the office, we have some precautions to prevent the spread of the swine flu:

  • check body temperature everyday upon coming in to work.  there's a designated person to check our temp.  those above the normal temp will have to go home.
  • there's a mask handy in our first aid kit for people with respiratory problems.
  • self-quarantine oneself if you've travelled to infected countries.  
  • if you're sick, DON'T report to work.  go home and have yourself treated by a doctor.

OA?  i think, just better safe than sorry.   with the rising number of cases in hongkong, the government thinks it's just a matter of time when the disease will be contracted locally.  i believe that the precautions done in the airport for incoming travelers are enough.  however, due to the common symptoms and incubation period, it's hard to track down all the people an infected person comes in contact with.  imagine if he went to a mall, boarded a public transport, walked along the crowded streets... that would mean, A LOT!  for now, we just have to do our part to take care of ourselves in any way we can.  avoid crowded places when not needed.  

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