Tuesday, April 21, 2009

off to dubai-4

in dubai......
1 - weather is hot. humid.  and i learned that when it's cold. it's really cold. ergo, weather is extreme.
2 - having your own car is helpful to go around the city.  public transport is only bus or by taxi.  their buses are not so frequent and not that efficient.  they don't have subways or train stations.  it will only be available later this year.
3 - there are no poor locals.  no local holds a blue-collar job.  everytime i see a woman dressed in abaya, i would think, "this girl is rich".  and when i would see a woman covered in abaya from head to foot, face included, i would say to myself "this married woman is rich" hehehe they said that only their husbands can see their faces.
4 - a lot of construction is going on.   i dont know if many were suspended due to the crisis.
5 - even husband and wife are discouraged to be 'affectionate' in public.  no holding hands even.
6 - pakistani men likes boys... nyahahaha

an indoor life-size aquarium inside DUBAI MALL, the biggest (but unfinished) in dubai
sand everywhere.. scenery before our DUNE BASHING...
we had to fill up before THE ride...
articulated bus as means of transport
palm trees?  inside dxb international airport


geWi said...

wow reeyuh galing!

ano ibig sabihin ng articulated bus? hehe

rEeYuH said...
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rEeYuH said...

eto WIKI link hehehe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Articulated_bus

they're buses with articulation joint.. easier to move kase nga they're longer than regular buses. ang haba naman nila, sayang space pag traffic haha i like double deckers more.