Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this is gonna be a busy week at work. i have several meetings and 1 project launch which requires overnight job. for the meetings, i would meet up with users in our head office in world trade center in causeway bay. i seldom go here unless needed coz this is a crowded area and it makes a little dizzy just watching all those people moreover, squeezing myself in. i like going there also because after the meeting, i can get in touch with the city and go window shopping! haha

the overnight project launch is so because the application needs to be deployed in the ATMs. in this case, we need to port at an off-peak hour. say, around 1am onwards to minimize impact to our customers. just looking at how my schedule will be this week, is enough to tire me. hope i'm always in the proper mindset to make decisions and sound judgment. yaiks! gotta pack my energy drink - MILO! hahaha

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