Thursday, May 22, 2008

modern toilet in mongkok

we scoured the streets of mongkok to look for this toilet-themed restaurant. this concept originated from taiwan (as i have read) and now in hongkong. and what do you know...
there were many people waiting in line (or maybe it's in the adjacent resto nearby?) but we took the chance of lining up in queue just to go for the experience.
we waited for a few minutes - thanks to their organized method of handing out wait cards. they have different cards for different # of dinner groups - for 2s, for 4s and for big groups. empty toilet seats, este table waiting for us.
hanging on the wall, instead of a painting, are toilet seat covers to choose from!
enjoying our strawberry-blended ice. this is good enough for 4 of us.. more even, as we didnt get to finish it. all that ice makes us wanna just open up our toilet seats and do your thing. hahaha

we didnt really ate there as we have some other agenda that night. we merely tried their snacks and this dessert. the food is served in toilet bowl-like or soap dish-like plates.
experience-wise, it's a unique and refreshing one.

Modern Toilet
3F mpm building
portland street
mongkok, hk


geWi said...

ganda ng banner! sino meh gawa.. si utol? hehe

rEeYuH said...

opkors! =)

harbie said...

cool place! hahaha!