Monday, May 19, 2008

of hk meds and docs

i've been under the weather the past days. i quarantined myself within the confines of my room. too weak to wander around and too lazy to go for a check up. that was saturday. my official bumming day. sunday, i HAVE to drag myself out of bed coz i dont wanna sneeze and blow my nose all day at work the next day. i went to the doctor in Kornhill plaza in taikoo. i waited for 1 hr. my body feeling a little feverish already. hay, this is one of those times i wish i have someone with me. first, to accompany me when im feeling weak or scared in going to the doctor. second, to do my every bidding, coz im 'sick'. hehe

anyways, so after a little more than an hour, i went inside the doc's office. he asked a few questions, told me to breathe in/out. then, im done - out the door in less than 5mins! i just wonder how much they charge for that kind of consultation. good thing it is covered under our company's medical scheme. at the doc's aid desk i was prescribed 2 meds. i was a bit surprised because usually i get a minimum of 4. hahaha

monday, i went to see another doctor, coz i felt that the meds i was given the previous day was not enough. (talk about getting "addicted" - to the thought of taking many medicines, not necessarily drinking them) off to the doc in siu sai wan. i waited less but still after a few minutes, im out the doc's office. now, i was given 5 medicines for what he said, 'common colds, fever' .. this is what im familiar. lolz.

im not really a doc/med kind of person so when i get down with anything, i feel paranoid that i wont get well. maybe it's coz i dont drink my meds?!! right.

(in the picture: clockwise, for runny nose, for sore throat(orange), for stomach acid, for fever, for runny nose)

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