Thursday, February 28, 2008

songs in my mind

coming back from manila, i realized i need to update myself with the latest songs playing on the airwaves and latest music videos plaguing the channels. i still have that last song(s) syndrome.

WITH YOU by chris brown

i have always favored ne-yo since i first heard SO SICK.

maybe it's time i get my own mp3 player.. i know! SO pathetic! im thinking the more popular APPLE iPod -- shuffle or nano, or something from the CREATIVE line or the minimalist SONY walkman. i want good quality, easy to use, easy to carry, something that will reflect my sense of style (nakng!) and of course, light on the pocket. guess, i'll be preparing my comparison table to decide which one.

nothing is definite. for all i know, i may be buying a digicam instead. haha


harbie said...

creative! =)

anything but iPod. comes with my animosity for the brand, and their lack of features. hehehe! =P

harbie said...

btw, i like "Please Don't Stop The Music" and "Clumsy". playing nonstop on my mind. don't have an mp3 of it yet eh. hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

"please dont stop the music" seems familiar. gusto ko rin un "wanna be starting something" mama-se mama-sa mama-kusa. haha