Sunday, February 24, 2008

in laguna: time for hot spring

as they say, laguna is the resort capital of the philipines. true enough, there are villages here that are mostly private pools for rent. those near monte vista (tama ba?) resort you can find lotsa private villas you can choose from. they have their own "barker" to boot who will aggressively approach you upon seeing you carry with you a battalion of eager shorts-and-slippers-clad individuals. for my family of course, we came prepared. a near relative of ours, knows the owner of a private pool, so we rented it out for the day. it's a 3-bedroom, 2-storey house with 4T&B, 2-car garage and a videoke! i would say it's spacious enough for 22 members of my family. hehe plus we get to sing to our heart's content, if the videoke machine would just play the right songs. haha

the 1.5hr drive from mamuy's place is still convenient because we were early. early enough to arrive there with the pool still being managed to be filled up. since we were only there for the day, we dont get to use the rooms so much. but i went up and inspected it for "future" references. big enough, not cramped for 20 people to comfortably sleep for the night.

the water was not that "hot" as we expect especially, it was a cold and windy day. what kept it warm though is the company of family you care about.

pichur pichurs here!!!


harbie said...

memories of laguna adventures. hahaha! =P

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Anonymous said...

do you have a number i could text for the rental of the house? please forward to me thru text, thanks.

JO (0918.964.2305)