Thursday, February 14, 2008

in batangas: shore hopping

together with the WHOLE family, we went to batangas for an overnight stay. originally, i asked mama to help book the kabayan resort coz it seems an affordable place to stay complete with the amenities im looking for - with swimming pool. haha but since 'twas chinese new year, it was already full. we opted to stay in sigayan bay. this resort is owned by one of mama's colleague (so discount, for sure). coincidentally, it's also in batangas.. and it's beach front is along the shoreline, a few meters away from kabayan resort!

sigayan bay is also in san juan batangas, along with many beach resorts batangas boasts of -- sabangan, la luz, laiya coco grove, etc. they are basically the same except for the amenities each resort provides and of course, the beach front you're faced with. hehe unfortunately, for sigayan, it's not swimmable, for me. haha i find the stones a sore.. for the feet and the moss an icky feeling. though i havent trodded the waters, many already said so. and so off we walked to kabayan beach resort front. thankfully, they share the same shoreline. too bad, we can't use their pool.

pichur pichurs here!!!

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