Friday, December 7, 2007

series season enders

tis the end of the year, thus season enders.. guess the writers are on a break too - from strike ? hehe i guess i'll see the last episode of my fave shows, at least for this year. too bad for me coz il have to look for sumthin to keep me busy this holidays. spoilers ahead.

Heroes (s03ep11)
sylar is back! stupid dr suresh. how can he not use his wit to outdo that wicked warlock?! haha for this season.. the real hero.. is HIRO! yatta! the idea of putting adam to his place.. 6 feet under. just plain genius. haha

Prison Break (s03ep07)
what i recalled was.. james talking to amanda. whatda?! everything's a setup? well it usually is. the guy u somehow trusted is the same who will betray you. from the looks of it, that's how it will be. argh, and to think i felt sympathetic towards him. (not a good judge of character) maybe the brothers are better off with mahone or bellick?

Ugly Betty (s02ep09)
this is a light drama, comedy, love story. a breather from serious action, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery series i watch. i like the way claire and bradford meade reaffirmed their love for each other inspite of the many trials they faced before. a bittersweet ending though for the couple. as usual, the cunning wilhermina slater just couldnt take her hands off Mode magazine. until bradford meade's death, she still persists. well, we wouldnt know up to what extent until the next episodes.

CSI:NY (s04ep10)
taylor's 333 caller finally stepped up his game from anonymous calls to personally exacting revenge. by andy. he's jimmie's , mac's childhood friend, youngest brother. the episodes unravelling up to this last one are pieces of a puzzle waiting to be solved. the team collided head-on with the personal vendetta of a grief-torn brother.

my personal fave among csi ny eps is the one where they we're looking for the killer online - cyberworld. the victim was a popular avatar in that world. it's like so surreal and if there really exists that kind of 'world' - a parallel cyber universe.

i dont know if it's safe to mention here but i have to thank my ever-reliable broadband connection for those video streaming and file download... to those unselfish people who share their copies. because of them, i get to see all these. bless your hearts. hehehe

i wonder what shows i can stay tune next.. ahhh-mazing race asia 2! go team pinas! "u jump yourself!" LOLz.

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