Sunday, December 9, 2007

hk bus companies propose fare hike

INFLATION is just everywhere. while MTR-KCR fares went down a little, bus operators are proposing an increase. current bus fares, i believe, are reasonable. using octopus can even save you a few bucks. students and senior citizens pay half-priced fares. with this pending increase, i need to allot another dollar for transpo, instead of putting it for my food allowance. times like these, gotta tighten our belts more.

"Citybus and New World First Bus have followed rival Kowloon Motor Bus in its bid to increase fares.
Like KMB they blame soaring oil and operating costs for the proposed increases.
On Friday Citybus managing director Samuel Cheng Wai-po said it was facing pressure from rising costs.
"We are considering submitting an application to increase bus fares," he said. "However, we are still studying the percentage of the increase."
In September, KMB proposed to increase fares by 9 percent.
A Transport and Housing Bureau spokesman said it had not yet received an application from Citybus or First Bus.
The Transport Department is still considering a HK$1 fare increase proposal by taxi operators as well as KMB's application.

Citybus and First Bus have just introduced their first Euro 4 vehicle, which is able to reduce emissions by 80 percent compared to earlier models. It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The company has spent HK$100 million on 28 of the double-decked buses.
Ten will run on the new B3 and B3X routes to Shenzhen Bay Port. Another 18 buses will replace old buses, with some in service by next week.
The bus company plans to buy about 300 of the latest eco-friendly buses in the coming five years, Cheng said."

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