Wednesday, December 26, 2007

post christmas walk: TST, wanchai, causeway bay

i went to tsim sha tsui (TST) to window shop, see the decors of the harbour city mall. and i wasn't disappointed. hk's largest mall boasts of lights and decors upon entering the path to the mall entrance from the star ferry. there are LOTS of people cramming to pose with the varied ornaments on display. i didnt have the patience so i went on with my window shopping. i passed by the anna sui section, and as always.. loved the fragrance of secret wish. i was planning to buy this for the longest time (along with DnG light blue) but i still have some other perfumes in stock. i went to zara and found this chic piece of black 3/4 overcoat priced @ 399hkd. hmm... and so i put it back on the rack. haha i have my eyes on you, sweetie. off i went window shopping. literally. coz i dont enter the shop unless i think im capable of buying something from that store since most shops are designer labels. haha

zsa says
outside harbour city i took a short video of high-end brands that line up along canton road. i walked and walked. and saw a slightly familiar face(s) -- kids of zsa zsa padilla. incidentally, i read her blog in PEP and learned that they're in hk for a few days. with them is a man, mang dolphy i presume. his face was slightly hidden from my view. and then in a small alley, in a money exchange shop is zsa zsa. i would have wanted to have my pic taken but my feet were faster than my decision-making skills. i was kinda starstruck so i called mama. as expected, "sayang naman" daw. if she's here, she would've dragged me to have HER picture together with dolphy and zsa zsa. (i think they stayed in marco polo hongkong hotel which they frequent)

blame it on the DS
i boarded the ferry to wanchai and walked until i reach causeway bay. from there, took the tram on the way home. knowing how SLOW it is to travel via this old jetty, i played mario kart. i was engrossed (an understatement) that i missed my stop! not just one or two but i made it all the way to the end of the tramline! argh! and to my dismay, there's no more tram departing from that stop. my feet were aching by that time but i had to get to the nearest (overnight) bus stop because the MTR is already closed too. sigh... next time.. use your DS wisely.. be alert! ALWAYS!

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