Sunday, December 30, 2007

how do you forgive yourself?

this line from spiderman3 (i think) stuck in my head long after watching it. and so i asked. what are the concrete ways of actually forgiving yourself? is there really a concept like this? what is most common is that of forgive others for whatever wrong they've done, blah blah. yeah, we may have wronged ourselves -- abuse our body ? but this is more likely to happen next is that we make up by 'cleaning' up our lifestyle. seems like a quick transition.. no more 'forgiving' phase. hmm.. im not sure if i made any sense. tell me.

maybe it's better if we get to the basics of this. when should we ask forgiveness? when we feel regret over our actions? why do we need it? so we don't feel the guilt anymore? more than anything else, it gives us peace.. and the chance to move on.

my comfort food: pringles!!! love 'em!!!

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harbie said...

how to forgive ourselves?

probably... don't think of what we did as something "wrong", think of it as a learning experience? maybe we should classify our actions as "good/bad", not "right/wrong". then that won't give us guilt in the first place. =)