Wednesday, September 26, 2007

mid-autumn holiday

today is "mooncake festival" or "lantern festival" or mid-autumn festival. whichever way you refer to it, what's important for me is it is holiday. haha rest day. yeah, i know, im such a bum! i learned that it's one of the two most important Chinese holidays (aside from the lunar new year). i remember people gathering round Victoria Park to witness the moon at its fullest and brightest. lanterns lit the surroundings and local delicacies are sold. in the office, we partake mooncake slices. and that 1/8 slice is still 'big' for me. heck, it's kinda sweet for me. something like it's too tasty and packed that il be so full after eating it.


harbie said...

you movin' here espren? or link-link lang? =)

anyways, glad you had an extra day off. sarap tumunganga pag holiday no? hehe! iba pa yung mooncake sa tikoy di ba? or pareho ba yon?! *scratches head*

rEeYuH said...

link-link lng hehe

magkaiba un!!! though im not sure how tikoy is eaten or cooked. haha mooncake is prang hopia but more 'classy' and more expensive.