Sunday, September 30, 2007

HK National Day

october 1 marks HK's national day. festivities like flag raising at the HKCEC and the not-to-miss fireworks display will be held along victoria harbour. people, including me, will flock tsim sha tsui viewing area and/or the hk convention center to give themselves a good view of the 23-minute showcase. poor mother nature once again carries the burden of pollution. boy, did i experience that last chinese new year. smoke everywhere! tsk tsk! wrong location.

anyways, another holiday here! keep it coming. haha in china (shenzhen is still china right?) they have 1-week holiday for this, if i remember it correctly. woah! if this is true in hk, i would be in manila right now. haha


tutubi said...

if i were still there, i'd be taking fireworks pictures...

but i my be raining or foggy

Anonymous said...

would it be viewable from the peak or is it far?

rEeYuH said...

@tutubi, surprisingly the weather cooperated. i have some pics but not so good. (blame it on my low-end digicam and my location with the clock tower blocking some view haha)

i think it can be seen from the peak, as long as it's not so humid.

thanks for dropping by!