Friday, August 13, 2010

iphone 4-3-2-1

feels good to be back.. with an iphone4 in tow. wahahaha no la! i know i've been continuously checking out apple store for a possible shortened shipping time, but to no avail. you will definitely have to wait around 3 weeks to get a hold of this gem (except of course, if you're 1 of those who pre-ordered from your mobile provider). however, i read that those who ordered online during the 1st week of its release can now expect theirs to be delivered by week of aug16, still ahead of scheduled aug 23. still, people are still frustrated with TNT, international courier, because they were told that delivery should have been aug 12. whatda?!?! can't they wait? they've waited long enough anyways.. plus, it's still ahead of the targetted aug23 delivery. jeez, some people are just impatient. currently the shipment is in SZ which is just a border , KCR, away from hongkong. i guess they feel that it's already here.. just within their reach.. and why can't the courier move the phones over to hongkong. oh well, hopefully TNT move their a$$es over the weekend, deliver the phone to appease their eager owners.

moving on, im seriously thinking of getting an iphone4 coz all my phones are hand-me-downs haha. i guess it's time for a change. it's time i buy my own. double haha for this. BUT, here goes apple again... rumor has it that iTouch will have its own retina display and camera. whatda!?!? that's what i was actually waiting for. hmmm... now what?!?! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. AGAIN.

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