Wednesday, June 17, 2009

gaga over korean drama: boys over flowers

i got soooo hooked with the korean drama, boys over flowers.  it all started with being a bum on weekends.  hahaha i was looking for something to watch and opted to try the tagalog-dubbed boys over flowers, which is actually the korean version of meteor garden (taiwan) and hana yori dango (japan).  i loved the first two, and so i got curious with how this latest one will fair in my ratings board. haha  surprisingly to me.. it weighed even more! i watched the first few episodes in youtube and got bitin.  i didnt bother to wait coz i was too eager to continue.  i searched and found full episodes for streaming (with english subs) in mysoju and in youtube... yehey!  i watched and watched until i lost track of time... and there goes my weekend.... lazily cooped up in my room.  hahaha

so far, i think this is the cutest set of F4 among the 3 versions.  (or was i just biased over jun pyo?)  anyways, im still all agog over this series so i dont think i can be objective over the other 2.  all i know is that... i loooove jun pyo.  love it when he smiles, he gets mad, he does things for his lady love... crazy.. but i love. *lolz*


Anonymous said...

Dao Ming Su still rocks! (for me) :D .. Jun Pyo in close 2nd.. haven't watched the Jap version..//rose

reeyuh said...

im trying to recall the coolness of dao. he's the orig after all.. now, im moving on.. with jun pyo hahaha

have you watched this?? you should la!