Friday, May 15, 2009

shih tzu in our home

april, as mama coined her very creative name, has been with us since... you guessed it... april.  she was given by lolo pilo after having the mom give birth to 7 pups.  as my friends know, im not really fond of dogs.  not a pet lover also.  i just admire them from afar and i would not miss them in my life.  im even scared of dogs coz my bro got bitten by a ravaging doggie when he was kid.  and during those times, we were all afraid of THIS same dog coz we know that if he's out of his cage, all of us would just run for our lives. hahaha 

we had 2 pet dogs before: 1) sirius - that's his name. i dont know why.  when we moved in to our house ages ago he has his own place in the house coz we're all afraid of him.  eventually, mama told papa to let go of the dog.  too bad for him, he was the pulutan during an inuman session.. yaiks!  2) lady valerie - female, i suppose.  papa named her after this musical group, i think.  she was given to us a pup german shepherd.  as in so small, she can fit in a shoe box.  papa took care of her... i dont know how but after a while she died... the diagnosis, she swallowed a chicken bone.  

i guess our love for animals , dogs at that, is evident.  that's why i was surprised when mama agreed to take april in.  besides being a gift, having a toy dog isnt so bad after all.  the first time i saw her, i was just awwww.  i saw her in the webcam looking all meek and mild and cute while bro is holding her.  the fact that bro is also fond of her, endeared me all the more.  i felt betrayed by my own partiality to this lil creature.  hahaha  bro would tell me stories about how he's grooming her, walking her at night and how she sleeps at night... in our room.. hope not in my bed though.  

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