Friday, April 25, 2008

ghost whisperer: dead reckoning

ive been watching reruns of ghost whisperer. besides loving jennifer love hewitt, im into the supernatural (read NOT horror) thingy. the story basically revolves around melinda, who can see earth-bound spirits, talk to them and help them crossover. good thing, she has the full support of his husband, jim (yummy david conrad!) a paramedic in their small town, grandview. that's it. simple as the plot is, it is complicated by the lives of the people she helps.

at first, il be a lil scared mainly coz she has to deal with ghosts, ergo ghastly faces, morbid getups, etc. but then in the end, the story redeems itself coz melinda gets to help the spirit move on into the light. performance-wise, i would be biased coz i favor jen (close?!!) BUT there are times that her character just irritates me. pakialamera, to an extent. but who wouldn't when you have to talk to family of the dead and help them face their issues? it would be a refreshing plot when she would just have to let the situation be. not interfere with the lives of the living and dead.

i've finished season 1 and thankfully, i liked the finale. a wee bit different from the other episodes. im now into season 2, and just like the other episodes in season 1, it's "aight". came across S02E12, dead reckoning. melinda is being haunted by the spirit of person in a coma. he's trapped in this plane coz his family wont let him go -- physically, emotionally, spiritually. he has already accepted to himself that that's all there is in his life, that he's not meant to go further. with melinda's help his family came to acceptance and submission.

if im family, of course it would be hard to let go that easily. it's ok to grieve for a loved one but wallowing in that pain too long would also make it hard for the soul of our departed to move on. also, i wouldnt want to have someone to have "unfinished business" with me, vice versa. life is too short for regrets.


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harbie said...

jennifer love hewlett-packard! *lol* i still remember that joke. hehe! you don't look like her anymore though. you're so much prettier. naks! *may bayad na to espren!*

it's hard to let go, but time heals all wounds din, they say. amen to that, life is too short for regrets. and those regrets are just heavy baggages. i wanna travel light. =)