Tuesday, April 15, 2008

getting my own chucks

my very recent purchase is my converse "chucks" all-stars. most people here in hk own a pair, or at least something like it. i believe it's high time that i bought rubber shoes coz it's been ages since i last bought one. the one im using now is a nike owned by rose. pathetic haha besides being uso here, it's also cheap. i bought the leather kind, as what my fwend said. i didnt know it was that basta i went for quality and design lang. well, the price got steeper as it moves up that scale.

the next day, i had a break-in and it works well for me. took it for a LONG walk and twas all good. the following afternoon though, it rained and so i had it all wet with my denim jeans staining it with color on the all-stars logo at the back. *sigh*

1 comment:

harbie said...

i think that line (converse chucks) is celebrating 100th year anniv since the first release, kaya it's supposed to be big this year. =)

ayus yung pair mo ah, nakaka-engganyo bumili. hehe!