Tuesday, February 5, 2008

in manila: reintroduction

imagine going home to this... just plain SIN. hehe one of the first things i do coming home to manila is to eat filipino food. whether in restos or at home. food, entertainment, lifestyle is still different from abroad.

FOOD - authentic pansit palabok from jollibee goes hand in hand with calamansi rather than lemon. crispy pata, bulalo is a staple in every pinoy resto in the metro.

ENTERTAINMENT - went to laffline for a doze of live entertainment. laughter which i only get from streaming tv show reruns when abroad.

LIFESTYLE - since im on vacation mode, i get to wake up late.. and not think of doing any household chores, at all!!!

there will still be more entries to come as i chronicle my stay in pinas.. i have yet to go to places up north and south.. and meet with friends along the way.

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