Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hello, telephone???

my phone rings.. "private number" is displayed. eagerly i answer half-expecting an overseas call then im greeted with "lei ho..." and off she goes with her chinese telemarketing spiel.. what?!! instantaneously i butt in "sorry, i dont speak chinese" and the caller would say "oh sorry".

this kind of scenario would hopefully come to an end or at least be minimized. thanks to the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Online Ordinance. voice calls within hk are cheap costing an average of 0.2-1hkd per minute. this form of aggressive marketing says it all, with agents or electronic messages cramming up your phone. imagine, receiving a call and an outright voice recording sounding all greek to you.. coz you dont speak the language... seems to me, hanging up is not a rude option. hehehe besides, you're using my minutes! yeah, it's business but we have our own matters to attend to, our own airtime to use as we please. many thanks to voicemail box i can redirect some of those calls. they can talk all they want. hehe


harbie said...

bakit kasi pati incoming minutes may bayad eh, di ba? it should be just like in pinas, where only the caller gets charged. =P angst of a phone owner who's paying $80 on overage charges. demmit.

rEeYuH said...

... at tlgang comment galore. hehe

i think ok lng un both parties have charges.. at least it's split in half. di un one party carries all the burden. well, cheap kse local charges dito. hehe