Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy 12th of december

happy birthday papa!
my gift to him.. pay for his debts.. well, part of it at least. though it's not that big, my original gift to him is still smaller than what he owes. i would've liked it better if he used it for his personal needs but i guess, it will just go to his IOUs. i hope it helps somehow especially, the peso is stronger nowadays.. else, he has no one to run to but mama.. but not without the scolding, etc. hehehe

still, happy birthday to my dearest father! mwah mwah mwah!

happy birthday, merry christmas to me?!
i got my own gift too! after months of pestering my cousin to buy me an iPhone.. she got me a Nintendo DS lite! haha since i wasnt so sure how an iPhone would fare here in HK.. if i could even use it here, i prodded her to giving me a DS lite. and finally, i have one too! delivered in my office. priority mail.

initially, it was more of a guilt trip. telling her that while most of my relatives back home are receiving gifts from them, i have none. when the last balikbayan box came, they got stuff, while i got a DVD rip of devil wears prada. all that was really nothing more for me than a playful banter. but i guess, i got to her coz everytime we would talk i would always part our conversation with "dont forget my DS for christmas", "save up for my DS". hehehe then recently, she just casually said, "ok, wait for it". yey! after i learnt that, i was now bugging her if it's really true or she's just playing with me. anyhoo, i told her to send it to me in time for christmas. haha (now im not too demanding right?) one morning, i was dragged out of slumber. someone is asking my address. oh, yeah, my cousin. i have to say it right despite being half-asleep.

my new toy
it's still in the box since i really cant use it yet. i still have things to buy to prep it in game mode. haha in short, i want to look for family-computer type games. haha old-fashioned? if you have other games, let me know!

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