Sunday, December 23, 2007

christmas in hk

i asked an officemate if they celebrate christmas at all. they dont. grinches? well, not really. it's the same as we dont make a big fuss over their chinese new year. (except for the lai see-giving, i like!) fact is, christmas is actually a religious celebration -- birth of Christ, lest we forget. chinese christians are a minority, all over the world. given that and being a foreigner in their country, guess i cant question their grinch-like attitude after all.

i miss christmas in pinas. let me count the ways.

1) daily simbang gabi, although i havent dutifully attended it because of laziness to wake up early
2) smell of inihaw that papa usually prepares for our reunions
3) sound of caroling-ers who visit the house or by children who just approach our car when the stop sign is on.
4) hearing the christmas eve mass with my family and watching the mini-fireworks show in our village
5) wrapping christmas presents to my godsons/goddaughters and putting them under our christmas tree
6) i miss being visited by my godsons/goddaughters (even though they only visit me during that time... of course i asked them to perform first before i give them their gifts hahaha)
7) my family's 'tradition' where we all shout "we want !!!" and then that person has no choice but to take the 'throne', and people will start lining up and be given money. ergo, he should be prepared to have enough bills for EVERYONE.
8) seeing lights and decors adorn the major thoroughfares of makati, manila, quezon city, ortigas while passing by

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