Sunday, November 18, 2007

yuan vs hkd

as of Sunday, Novemver 18, 2007 11:18pm local time

1 Chinese yuan = 1.04843744 Hong Kong dollars

what?!!! the last time i went to shenzhen, hkd is still a wee bit higher than yuan. i shouldnt be surprised. with the way the market is going (which i really dont know), expect the unexpected. should i be worried? should i panic now? in spite of this, the usd is still constant at 7.7hkd in money exchange shops. but the php is a striking low @ merely 1hkd=5.5php conservatively. im not familiar with the happenings, cause and effect of things in the economy. haha all im really concerned about is the going-rate of what im earning, saving at the moment. guess it's time to look beyond.

rest in peace?
according to an investment guru, the hk dollar would cease to exist in 5-10 years. jim rogers said in this article that the current HK currency will soon disappear. and in its place, yuan. (well, good enough) politically, i dont know the effect of this in HKSAR considering it still has its own policy apart from the mainland. hopefully, i will learn more about it in time hkd really does disappear.

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