Wednesday, November 7, 2007

prison break s3e07

warning. spoilers ahead.
this series is getting exciting. i thought when the brothers reached panama, the story would go blah blah. in spite of the writer's strike (?), they were still able to come up with a very twisted (in a good way) storyline. killing sarah - wow, that was risky for those who are basking on the tandem of michael-sara. well, it's not a love story guys! someone had to die and too bad, it had to be her. just think, it's for the good of the show. escaping SONA in broad daylight - is michael a genius or what? despite the obstacles, he was able work around the guards whistler's ways - that last scene caught me off-guard. amanda (or gretchen) talking to his boss asking whether to give the brothers a 2nd chance at escaping.

cant wait for the next one!

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