Monday, November 5, 2007

after halloween

halloween in hongkong is a kind of big event here -- more of a party event where people get to dress in their fave costume. from the scary, gory creatures of darkness to the queens of drag to the boy bands to the animated comic/movie characters. many wore at least a 'sungay' headband to get into the spirit of hallow's eve.
as expected, LKF was packed with revelers frantically taking pictures. most were awed with the caped crusader aka batman and the cyborg, robocop. many were hounding them (us including hahaha). thankfully, there's high police visibility in the area making sure we were not crowding up in one place. there's a one-way traffic to ease the build up of people showing up even at 12mn.

all in all, kudos to those who came in wonderful, well-thought-of costumes who made our sight seeing more exciting and alive. to those policemen who made sure everything is in order. and to the one who gave drink to robocop making him last all the way to the MTR where people are still lining up to take a pic with him.

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